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Jersey Jaunts - Biking in (and around) New Jersey

Unfortunately the detour brought us up to a street corner with a bridge crossing over an access road to the Henry Hudson Parkway, I erroneously assumed we had reached the open-road link at 129th street, while we were in fact only at 91st street. Since I was curious about the "open-road link" we followed it over the bridge and then back into Riverside park, as it turns out we were now on the east side of the highway while the greenway had crossed under to the west side of the highway, we could now see the pathway but could not access it. Rather than turn back we thought we would just ride parallel and rejoin it further north, ha! We continued to climb in elevation and ventured deeper into the park when the pathway ended at a set of steps, we hauled the bikes up the steps, only to find yet another set of steps further up the path. Eventually we found our way out to Riverside drive, and this giant domed building, which as it turns out was Grant's Tomb, from here we traveled another 19 blocks north on 12th avenue looking for the 129th entrance to the greenway. We could see the greenway from 12th avenue, but with train tracks, the Henry Hudson Parkway, and 100 foot of elevation between us we couldn't figure out how to connect, thankfully we came across a park ranger who guided us through some gritty looking streets to the greenway. The moral of this whole story is keep the river close.